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DLCVFD Fundraising Video, 1992

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Video created by the Dahlonea-Lumpkin County Volunteer Fire Department during the fundraising drive to build a new Station 1, incorporating Fire, EMS, and 911 Dispatch, early in 1992.

The video is very poor quality, becuase it is an old VHS copy of the VHS original, converted to DVD format and then "ripped" to digital QuickTime movie format. It does, however, feature the old Station 1 on the Dahlonega Square, Engine 2, two Forestry-style tanker trucks (Tanker 2 and 3?), the original Air 1 truck, original Chief's car, the old Lumpkin Sheriff's Dept. dispatch center, and the old EMS ramp at the hospital.About a third of the 1992-active firefighters are present, including Chief Jack Brigdon, Capt. Bill Lach, Capt. Marty Murphy, Lt. Bonnie McKay, Lt. Stanley Murphy, Sgt. Mike Davis, Sgt. Johnny Taylor, and several other firefighters.

It was filmed both on the downtown square, and at the old Owen's Farm property, now the Birch River golf resort. There are short video sequences of the fire school that was held on that property in January, 1992. Note also that no-one on Hwy 60 wants to yield the right of way to trucks and vehicles with all of their lights and sirens on; a problem then as well as now!

WARNING: This is a very large (about 57 mb) file, and may take an excessively long time to download even with a big internet pipeline (DSL/Cable).

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