HistoryAddict's Flight Simulator Videos Page

All videos were made using the premier flight simulator for personal computers,
X-Plane version 8 for Macintosh.

There is a Windows version for our unfortunate friends, as well as a Unix version for the geeks!

Featured Video

C-130J Airborne Drop at KMGE

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Long-ish (big!) video of a C-130J dropping paratroopers over the Naval Air Station - Atlanta portion of Dobbins Air Reserve Base, near Marietta, Georgia.

WARNING: All of these videos tend to be very large (3 to 25 mb) file, and may take an excessively long time to download even with a big internet pipeline (DSL/Cable).

More Videos

B-52H Bomb Run on KPDK

Click here to view this video

Short video of a simulated B-52 "Arc Light" strike on Dekalb-Peachtree Airport in suburban Atlanta, Georgia.

P-38L Strafing Run

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P-38L Landing

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F-8 Crusader Flyby

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