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Today In History Links
Today in History from Scope Systems
Unusually encompassing and looks about as complete, if concise in descriptions, as one would want.

This Day in History from The History Channel
Nice commercial site with a good selection of options, from Today in Civil War History to This Day in Wall Street History. Plus the comforting face of R. Lee Ermey!

Blogs well worth checking out:

Tracy Osborne's completely awesome link site to all things Humanities. This isn't really a blog, but neither is it a traditional site of any other description, either. Sort of like this place, eh?

The Mudville Gazette, bar none, the best place to go for news from the General War on Terror/The Long War.

Ace's site, a great political, military and surprisingly large amount of literature and culture blog, though with more than a touch of conservative snark and rudeness. It is for a very good reason that regulars are referred to as Morons, and the language may make many sailors faint.

Neptunus Lex, the blog of a former Navy Hornet driver. One of the greatest milblogs we ever were graced with, with superb writing, good photos, and a deep displayed love for all things aviation. CAPT Carroll "Lex" Lefon, USN (Ret.), was killed in the crash of his ATAC F-21 Kfir at NAS Fallon, Nevada, on March 6, 2012.

Matt, The Paratrooper of Love®, is a former airborne infantry officer, who maintains one of the best milblogs out there today (his only real competition is The Castle Arrrgh, which covers different, more blood-splattered ground). His "Someone you should know" series is a real gem and a great read for the patriotically minded. Great T-shirts, too.

John at the Castle Arrrrrgh is a former redleg ("shoot the big boom-booms" for the uninitiated), who maintains this, one of the great milblogs out there today. He is edged-weapons challenged, to say the least, but maintains a healthy collection of shooting irons that are hopefully unloaded at most times. Never a dull moment in the Castle, but I worry about him. No, seriously. Read the aptly titled, I am an idiot, and well as a followup, Sigh. When will they *I* ever learn?.

Glenn Reynolds is a law professor at the University of Tennessee, and InstaPundit is his moderate to barely right-ish of center links blog. He tends to stay well atop breaking news stories, especially those of critical importance that don't quite make mainstream media's radar screens. He is an important supporter of the Tea Party and Porkbusters movements.

Bill Whittle's marvelous, long-format essay blog. He doesn't post daily or even frequently, but when he does it's an event. Pour a cup of coffee, and check out one of his best essays, SEEING THE UNSEEN. One of the best lines from it, typical of Bill's very matter-of-fact style:

"So, contrary to doomsayers throughout history, the destruction of the Barbary Pirates did not result in the recruitment of more Pirates. The destruction of the Barbary Pirates resulted in the destruction of the Barbary Pirates."

Other Websites & links worth checking out

Kid of Speed.
Most unusual and fascinating, a tour of the "dead zone" surrounding the Chernoby area of the Ukraine.

X-Plane Flight Simulator

The finest flight simulator on the commercial market, with the most accurate flight model available on home machines.

Free DHTML scripts provided by
Dynamic Drive

These are actual screen shots!

And this is a small sample of the flight sim I love in action, an F4U-5N Corsair flying over KATL (The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport) at dusk:

Yup, made 'em (whilest flyiing that marvelous bird) myself!

There are some more X-Plane Flight Simulator videos here.

This is the professional military tactical battlefield simulation software we use at my school for the Military History classes.
It is not a "shoot 'em up" type of game!

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