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Textbooks & Adjunct Texts

  • Full text (in English and Latin) of Sextus Julius Frontinus' Strategematicon.

  • Full text (in English) of Flavius Vegetius Renatus' De Re Militari (The Military Institutions of the Romans).

  • Full text of Lt. Col. S.G. Brady's The Military Affairs of Ancient Rome & Roman Art of War in Caesar's Time

  • Full text (in English) of Sun Tzu's The Art of War.

  • Full text (in English) of General Burnod's The Military Maxims of Napoleon.

  • Full text (in English) of Carl von Clausewitz's Principles of War.
    This is not simply a primer or predecessor to On War, it is a study of tactical principles, rather than grand strategic thought.

  • Full text (in English) of Carl von Clausewitz's Vom Kriege (On War).

    • The US Marine Corps has adopted a strategic doctrine which is based on Clausewitz's work, and the basic summation of it is issued to every new recuit. Here is the full text of Warfighting.

  • USAF Colonel John Boyd was a fighter pilot and military strategist, whose "OODA Loop" concept is considered central to current military thought, though he is popularly obscure. A good collection of his papers and concepts can be found at Defense and the National Interest: John Boyd Compendium.

    What is the aim or purpose of strategy? To improve our ability to shape and adapt to unfolding circumstances, so that we (as individuals or as groups or as a culture or as a nation-state) can survive on our own terms. - John R. Boyd

    Military Maps & Atlases


    • Active FM. U.S. Army doctrine and training publications (all unclassified).

    • Soldier's Manuals. U.S. Army skills & tasks manuals (all unclassified).


  • AFJ: Armed Forces Journal. A civilian publication that covers the various military branches.

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    (Many thanks to the World History Index of the World Wide Virtual Library for many of these links)

    Colonial Period

    Revolutionary War

    Early Republic
    1784 -1812

    War of 1812

    Indian Wars
    1800 - 1860

    Mexican War
    1846 - 1848

    Civil War
    1861 - 1865

    Spanish-American War


    Progressive Era
    1898 - 1917

    World War I
    1914 - 1917


    Between  World Wars
    1919 - 1939

    World War II
    1939 - 1945


    The Cold War
    1945 - 1991

    Korean War
    1950 - 1953


    Vietnam War
    1945 - 1975


    Gulf War I
    1990 - 2003


    The General War on Terror
    2001 -

    The History Addict was briefly assigned to Company A, 1/506th Infantry, 101st Airborne Division, the "Currahees," way back in The Day, and tries to keep up with the happenings of that proud regiment.

    For information on the current assignment and more news of the Currahees, go to the 506th Infantry Regiment (Airborne) page.