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Photo History of Alaska Smokejumpers

Not really a "weird" history topic, in the strictest sense of the word, but something the History Addict has been interested in (and at one time aimed to do) since he was a wee lad:

Spotfire Images Wildfire Photojournal.

Pictures, Videos, and Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Nuclear Weapons

The Nuclear Weapon Archive

Origins of Modern Bathroom Fixtures

There really was a "Thomas Crapper," he really was a plumber (in Victorian England), but he did not invent the flush toilet as we know it. He is, however, credited with the invention and installation of similar such devices in and around London:

Urban Legends Reference Page on Thomas Crapper.

Wikipedia entry on Thomas Crapper.

And, the real thing (modern version): Thomas Crapper & Co. Ltd.

"Old Green Eyes"

There are several online accounts of the demon(s) that inhabit the Chickamauga Battlefield:

The Catoosa County News: Green Eyes: A Local Ghost Story.

The Moonlit Road: Green Eyes.

Ghosts of the Prairie: Chickamauga Battlefield: The River of Death.

(Now do you understand why I do not like to talk about or go to that battlefield?)

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